Mountain Sun Botanicals Flower Strains

Mountain Sun Botanicals provides a variety of flower strains. Review the medicinal and recreational types we grow, including our proprietary flower strains. Whether grown for medicinal or recreational purposes, all of our flower is certified Clean Green and tested for purity.

Greenhouse-grown flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Greenhouse-Grown Flower Strains Available Now


Golden Ticket

New this year and quickly becoming a dispensary favorite.
Golden Goat x Faceoff OG
THC 22.11  CBD  .30

Head Cheese

This strain was featured as Strain of The Month in the  Feb. 2015 issue of The Oregon Leaf.  A truly unique strain. It’s pretty much awesome.
THC 17.31  CBD .22

Head Cheese x Peachy Pine

This strain is a farm favorite. We pollinated our Head Cheese (UK Cheese x Headband) with pollen from a local strain called Peachy Pine (Peaches n Cream x Pineapple)
THC 20.4     CBD .07

Head Cheese x Cream Royal White

Royale with Cheese is this heavy hitter’s new name.
Another one of our Head Cheese crossed back onto the Cream Royal White (Peaches n Cream x Royal Kush x White Fire OG), this variety has beautiful structure. A must for the connoisseur who loves the gassy herb.
THC 17.94   CBD .26

Headband x Peachy Pine

Male pollen from Peachy Pine crossed back onto a Ridiculous Headband cut. This cultivar has a pungent greeting that meets you at the door.
THC 16.18   CBD .07

The Fuzz

A new strain for our farm this year that is definitely holding its own.  Appalachian crossed back to the Chem 91.
THC 21.10  CBD .11

Rude Boi

The Rude Boi is Irene OG crossed back with the Faceoff OG.
THC 18.47  CBD .04

Outdoor flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Outdoor Flower Strains Available Now

Black Cherry Dream

A Farm Favorite for many years. Authentic Applegate genetics at its finest.
THC 20.93  CBD .52

Cream Royal Dream

Peaches n Cream x Royal Kush x White Fire OG crossed with Black Cherry Dream
THC 16.27  CBD .3

Afghan Dream

A pre-80 Afghan crossed back to the Black Cherry Dream.  Also available from the Greenhouse.
THC 21.53   CBD .43

Pie Face

Cherry Pie x Faceoff OG.  This hybrid leaning towards Indica yields a sweet yet pungent flower.
THC 16.83  CBD .33

Coming Soon

These flower strains have been submitted for testing and will be available soon.

Code Blue
Cream Royal Dream
Cream Royal White x NYC
Forum Cookies
Headband x Peachy Pine
Head Cheese
Pineapple Sour D
Cream Royal White x Pineapple Sour D
Head Cheese x Peachy Pine
Golden Ticket
Head Honcho

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