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Mountain Sun Botanicals Flower Strains

Mountain Sun Botanicals provides a variety of flower strains. Review the medicinal and recreational types we grow, including our proprietary flower strains. Whether grown for medicinal or recreational purposes, all of our flower is certified Clean Green and tested for purity.

Mountain Sun Botanicals purple flower strains
Greenhouse-grown flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Greenhouse-Grown Flower Strains Available October


Golden Ticket

Dispensary favorite.
Golden Goat x Faceoff OG

Head Cheese

This strain was featured as Strain of The Month in the  Feb. 2015 issue of The Oregon Leaf.  A truly unique strain. It’s pretty much awesome.


Head cheese (uk cheese (skunk 1)x  Peachy Pine (peaches in cream x pineapple) In house genetics


Dirty Hippy

afgooey x block head

Lemon Banana Sherbert

Lemon Skunk x Banana Sherbert

Dog Walker

Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91

Rude Boi

The Rude Boi is Irene OG crossed back with the Faceoff OG.

Gogi OG

napali og x snow lotus



Chemdawg x Burmese Kush


Dutch Treat


Jedi Breath

Sky walker OG x Grateful Breath

Sour Diesel

Headband x OG Kush

Platinum OG 


Do-Si-Do (Girl Scout Cookies)


Star Killa 


Lambs Breath


Cookie Johnson


Motor Breath




Grand Daddy Purp 


God Father


Gorilla Glue 4


Heaven Mountain

Outdoor flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Outdoor Flower Strains 2017


Afghan Dream

A pre-80 Afghan crossed back to the Black Cherry Dream.  Also available from the Greenhouse.
THC 21.53   CBD .43

Pie Face

Cherry Pie x Faceoff OG.  This hybrid leaning towards Indica yields a sweet yet pungent flower.
THC 16.83  CBD .33


Alien Boysenberry


Alien Poison


Alien Apparition 


Alien Cough


Atom Splitter


Blue Frost


Blue Zkittles

(Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x Blue Diamond (Diamond OGx Blue Dream)


Big – G13 x Butterscotch




Code Blue


Cookie Johnson


Cookie Wreck


Creme Brulle


Captain Sulu


Dog Walker


Dream Pie


Gas monkey

Chem 91 OG x Gorilla Glue #4


Ghost Breath


Glue Dream


Godfather OG


Golden Ticket –

Golden Goat x Face Off   Archive Seed Bank


Grape Stomper




Honey White


Jedi Breath




Lambs Breath


Lemon OG


Malawie Wowie


Mendo Breath


Moon Shadow


Motor Breath


Never Summer


OG Chem


OG Pie Breath


Polynesian Cookie Hayes


Pineapple Pizza


Platimum OG


Pineapple Sour D


Purple Animal Kush


Rude Boi






Star Killer


Strawberry Dream


Toe Walker






White Buzz


24K Gold

Mountain Sun Botanicals outdoor garden with multiple flower strains

Coming Soon!

All flower strains grown by Mountain Sun Botanicals are analyzed by Juniper Analytics. This is a picture of Juniper's logo.

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