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Mountain Sun Botanicals Flower Strains

Mountain Sun Botanicals provides a variety of flower strains. Review the medicinal and recreational types we grow, including our proprietary flower strains. Whether grown for medicinal or recreational purposes, all of our flower is certified Clean Green and tested for purity.

Mountain Sun Botanicals purple flower strains
Greenhouse-grown flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals


Outdoor flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Purple Animal Kush


Glue Dream

Lemon Banana Sherbet

Golden Ticket

Motor Breath 

Dog Walker 

Alien Cough

Alien Appirition

Never Summer Kush

Bubba’s Dream


Black Cherry Dream

Wedding Cake 

Ghost Breath

Godfather OG

Sour Strawberry


Sour Silverback

Obama X Chem

Hash Bar 

Ghost Dawg 

Chem 4




Apricot Moonshine 

Hot Rod 

Black Cherry Trinity 

Platinum Neon 

Kosher Gorilla 

Cookie Bar 

Gas Monkey 

Mint Chem Scout 

White Super Skunk 

Godfather OG

Cookies OG 

Rude Boi 


Sour Banana Tangie

Apricot Head

Race Fuel OG

Head Cheese

Kosher Cookies 

Glass Works 

Chem Star 




















Outdoor Flower Strains 2018

All flower strains grown by Mountain Sun Botanicals are analyzed by Juniper Analytics. This is a picture of Juniper's logo.

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