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Flower Strains

Mountain Sun Botanicals provides a variety of flower strains. Review the medicinal and recreational types we grow, including our proprietary flower strains. Whether grown for medicinal or recreational purposes, all of our flower is certified Clean Green and tested for purity.

Mountain Sun Botanicals purple flower strains
Greenhouse-grown flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals

Cereal Milk

Cheetah Piss

Papaya Punch


Triple Chocolate Chip

Kush Sorbet

Orange Push Pop

It’s It

Rainbow Rockets

Love Seed

White Truffle

Mac Stomper

Daily Grape

Purple Jelato

Tokyo Snow

Vanilla Gorilla

LA Kush Cake

Sherb Crasher

Jungle Cake

Wedding Crasher

Banana Punch

Sunset Octane

Sunset Animal


Heady Wedding

Larry Burger


Cherry Chem

Pink Runtz

Cali Burger

Strawberries n Cream

Sunset Sherbet

Tiger Cake

Layer Cake

Sundae Driver


Space Ghost

Breath Works

Pink Rozay

Magic Melon


Donkey Butter

Kepahula Suaz

LA Pop Rocks

Outdoor flower strains available now from Mountain Sun Botanicals
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